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GOIP Prize

Interested in solving a Challenge? Read more about how GOIP can support development of your project.


The submitted solutions will undergo multiple stages of screening and analysis by GOIP analysts, experts, challenge owners, jury, etc. and will be supported either in the form of funding, co-developing, providing office space in Abu Dhabi, marketing, mentorship, partnerships or providing expertise and resources, etc., as would be decided by the GOIP team, challenge owners and other associated parties.

All successful Solution Providers will receive the following:

  • Certificate of Participation: All participants will receive a GOIP program participation. Certificate and will be invited to participate in GOIP Summit.
  • Mentoring: Develop your business idea with real estate professionals.
  • Acceleration: Access to workspace and requisite resources in Abu Dhabi.
  • Funding: Financial support to help grow your project.
  • Pitch Opportunity: Meet with investors on GOIP Deal Day.