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Interested in solving a Challenge? Before you start working on the Solution application, read do you fulfil GOIP criteria.



  • The proposals documentation must be in English.
  • The applicant must fill out the entire form. Partially completed proposals will not be accepted.
  • Only proposals submitted through GOIP platform will be considered.


1. The successfully submitted proposals will undergo an initial compliance screening with a view to shortlist Solution Providers for interview stage.

2. Interview takes place online with GOIP Analysts. Instructions and guidelines will be circulated to shortlisted Solution Providers.

3. Solution Providers are expected to be prepared for the interview and to be able to answer/provide the invention description, pictures of prototype, regulations approval documents, cost estimate of one unit or service and a business model, level of development of the invention, proposals areas, use cases, published/granted patent documents, etc. The Solution Providers may be asked, during the interview or later, to provide additional details and/or documents related to their proposals.

4. Additional documents requested during the interview should be provided to GOIP in the given

timeframe. Failure to submit the documents will lead to rejection of the proposals.

5. The proposals will be analyzed based on the information provided during the interview and the submitted proposals. It will be assessed against the challenge.

6. The proposals will be discussed and ones deemed to meet the challenge will be passed on to the Challenge Owner.

7. The Challenge Owner will review the proposals with help from the GOIP team.

8. The Solution Providers will be informed about the outcome of their proposal.

9. If successful, Solution Provider(s) and Challenge Owners can begin discussions via the GOIP platform.